How Many Monkey’s In The BED!


Co-Sleeping –  a topic that comes up quite often amongst parents… to allow or to not allow it?

To be honest, this is something I struggle with constantly – my babies are only little once and if they want to cuddle, I think to myself, ‘why not?’

Any time my husband Chris is away or my kids are sick, I cave and I sleep on a little sliver of our bed allowing my toddler to take up an entire king size. I’m definitely more of a softy when it comes to this topic, Chris says, ‘once we let them, it will have become habit and harder to break.’

While I agree, they have both grown up so quickly, and while yes, I know this sounds insane because they are both 3 and 1 respectively, it feels like just yesterday they were born.

When we do let them, they both want to be as close to us as possible, and while I know this won’t last much longer, they are toddlers, they still have that baby smell and I can’t get enough of it. Sleeping next to me, I know they are safe, breathing and of course, kicking : ). These memories are priceless to me and so are the scents – I know when they are teenagers I will remember these times like my parents do of me, fondly.

For me, it ultimately goes back to that fine line between enforcing good behavior and practicing self-discipline while still having fun with your kids. The bottom line, just like anything in life whether it be eating healthy, finding time to workout, or painting that bedroom… its about getting it in, where you can get it.

Life’s about a balance and its not always a perfect one, or the same for everyone but about finding the one thats right for you and one that you can feel good about. As long as are holding yourself accountable (in a non-stressful, non-toxic way), you’re being a good parent.

Being a parent of young children is often about survival mode. Being the best parent you can be while still working full-time and remaining a sane functioning human all while keeping them innocent for as long as possible with lots of kisses, hugs, and endless snuggles.

No matter what your thoughts on the topic, it’s about what works for you. Mom judging is the worst… not your monkey’s, not your circus.

To all the Mamas and Papas out there, enjoy that extra cup of coffee, make morning memories with your kiddos and cliff hang off the bed if you want to!