Orange bunny or Purple bunny… aren’t we all just, Bunnies?


In this crazy world, where unfortunately many prejudices have reared their ugly head over the last year… I have been left as a parent with one important question – how do I teach my children about acceptance, inclusion, and the importance of diversity?

I was very fortunate to grow up in a house hold where my parents talked to us about diversity. We were taught that no matter a persons gender, background, religion or race, we are all the same. This has always stuck with me.

I personally want to teach my children about how wonderful the world is, how everyone’s difference’s and unique personalities make life the beautiful thing it is. That they can learn so much from befriending people from different backgrounds and walks of life. That diversity should always be promoted and that a mono-chomratic outlook should never be embraced unless its for their #OOTD. I want to raise kids who embrace everyone and who set the example for their peers.

Last year, while my daughter was at our community library for story time, an author came to read to the kids and sign books. The author, Nannette Brophy Major read her book “The Color of My Fur”.

It’s a book that follows Umber, an orange bunny. Umber and his friends were treated poorly by all of the purple bunnies because of the color of their fur – they were different. This difference led to conflict between the purple and orange bunnies.

Without giving away too much, a world was painted for these bunnies without color, at which point the bunnies couldn’t tell each other a part. This made them realize they were in fact, all alike! It’s was a great lesson for kids about the world and about acceptance, helping them to understand that at our core, we are all the same.

I want my kids to be kind, respectful, and accept everyone. To have the courage to stick up for those who aren’t treated fairly and to always hold these values close to the vest – this is my wish as a parent.

In my search for further inspiration, I found a great post on, with a full list of other books to check out as well. All books that emphasize the importance of teaching our kids tolerance and diversity.

How do you teach your kids about diversity and acceptance? Let me know in the comments!